Technology & Intelligence

There has been a lot of waste in the use of information technology, this lack of an intelligent focus on the needs and the business itself, and consequently, not always using in a planned and effective way the IT resources.

The satisfaction of our work is precisely to be a partner of our customers, optimizing and using the IT resources in a way to boost their presence in the market with a coherent and desirable cost / benefit relation to the current conditions.

Digital Certificate

We provide all types of Digital Certificates, such as:

  • e-CPF
  • e-CNPJ


Receita FederalICP BrasilITI Instituto de Tecnologia e Informática


Boabase - Our Story

Our Story

Working in the area of IT since the time of the "dinosaurs" we have accumulated a good vision and solidity to offer the solution that your company needs.

Boabase - What we do

What we do

We analyze the best solution for your needs, either directly or with our partners. What we can not answer directly, we indicate the best options available in the market.

Boabase - Our Mission

Our Mission

Provide the support and IT resources necessary for our clients to achieve excellence in their service and positioning in the market.

Our way of being


It is to develop and complete each project with the quality and dedication of those who pursue excellence and perfection.


Great advances and changes come from ideas rather than hard work. Current technology requires the wit to be always ahead.


The time to think just in bits and bytes has gone, beauty and elegance do not disassociate more from technology.